Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Drive By #2, New York, NY

This is another one of the shots where I put the camera in the backseat of the car, pointed it out the window and drove down the street. I would calibrate the RPMs in my camera to match the speed of our car as we drove down the road.
I especially like this image because of how sharp that yellow taxi is. And I love the lady at the intersection who has the exact same pose as Sasquatch in his famous "walking in the forest" shot!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Long Beach Triathlon

This was shot at the Long Beach Triathlon on a beautiful, sunny morning in September. I was actually out in the water in my wet suit, my tri pod in PVC piping to protect it.
As the athletes entered the water in groups, I realized that these groups were not going to be quite large enough to fill the entire strip of film. I quickly decided that after the athletes ran into the water, I would pan the camera back toward the shoreline. This allowed me to capture this one of a kind image--the tri athletes running into the water, as well as the spectators on the shore watching the start of the race.
I really had no idea what would happen or how it would turn out.
I did this several times....and this was the result!
I am really pleased with how great the image turned's such a unique shot.

Friday, October 12, 2007

San Diego Mission Bay Hydroplane Boat Race

This was taken at the Unlimited Hydroplane Boat Race held in Mission Bay, San Diego, Sept 16, 2007. I have wanted to shoot this race for years though I had no idea how it would look or if it would even be a good shot or if I'd even be allowed to shoot.
When I got down there Julie, the press relations person for the race, immediately gave me a "Super Pass" to attend the entire three-day event. I scouted all the possible locations around the 2 1/2 mile oval race course and found the closest I could get to the boats was at the start/finish line. The race officials there were so unbelievably accommodating--they allowed me to go up in the starters tower and even provided me with my own scissor lift to shoot the race from the ideal point of view!
I am really pleased with the way the images turned out and look forward to shooting more of these events.

Monday, October 8, 2007

60th Hollister Motorcycle Rally

These images were shot at the 60th annual Hollister Motorcycle Rally in Northern California. These classic Harley Davidson bikers photographed with the DistaCam are terrific. Just imagine 20-30 thousand bikers taking over this sleepy country town!
In 1947 the town of Hollister was invaded by thousands of bikers and when the police over- reacted all hell broke loose. The film "The Wild Ones", starring Marlon Brando was created after the chaos in Hollister.
This year the town was near gridlock and it was very difficult to find a spot to shoot with the DistaCam. Actually, the roads were more like a parking lot. I still managed to get some pretty amazing images. Motorcycles might just be the ultimate subject for the DistaCam technique. The riders' character and their machines are fascinating when captured with the razor sharp quality of the DistaCam. I hope to make it to Sturgis, South Dakota for the biggest gathering of bikers in America next month to shoot more incredible DistaCam photos.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tour of California 2007, Long Beach, California

This was shot last February on the last day of the Tour of California as the cyclists raced to the finish on the streets of Long Beach. The Amgen Tour of California was won by Levi Leipheimer.
Levi can be seen wearing the yellow jersey in the long format image.
This shot was the complete opposite of the Tour de France that I attended in 2004--easy access to the course, full cooperation of the officials and I was able to find a great place to set up my camera to shoot this event.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Walking Stary Arbat Street, Moscow, Russia

Though this image may not seem extraordinary, it was fascinating to be in Russia! Several policemen came by and told me I could not videotape this particular street because President Putin often drives down this road. One by one I assured them that we were shooting stills and they allowed me to continue to take the photographs.
I like this image so much. I love the juxtaposition of the cars and the bus and the people. And, to see what IS extraordinary about this shot, look very carefully...there is a very strange effect that this camera--and no other camera--will do. Take a look at the shadows of the people--they go in both directions! The camera reverses the travel of some of the cars and the people making them ALL go in the same direction! I just LOVE the converging and crossing and all the different directions of those shadows.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sugar Cane Train, Maui, Hawaii

This is a classic old train in Lahaina on the island of Maui. It was once used in the Sugar Cane industry and now it is a tourist attraction. I would set up the camera, took a radar gun reading of the train (about 5 mph) as it was coming, measured the distance to the tracks, and shot the picture. Then I would throw the camera in the car, race down the road about a mile or two ahead of the train, take a radar gun reading, measure the distance, shoot the picture and then do it all over again!
Trains are an ideal thing to shoot with this camera.