Monday, August 27, 2007

Bicycle Race #1, Irvine, California

This is one of my earliest shots--a bicycle race in Irvine, California--and I think it's one of the best bike shots. I set up in a corner so that I could see the bike riders as they were coming around the corner and leaning in so it's more of a 3/4 view... a lot of the shots that I do are more of a side or profile view. This is one where I am actually pointing right into the bikes and cropping a little more aggressively. I really like the way this one works.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rollerblade Disco In Central Park, New York

This is actually a Rollerblade Disco with people roller blading and dancing around a DJ--in the heart of Central Park, New York. The "ribbon-y blur" effect that runs the entire length of the image is actually one guy standing in the background dancing! His image was captured this because as he danced in the background he moved in and out of the vertical slit viewing area that this camera is based on. This slit covering the film only allows a small vertical slice of the scene to hit the film. Whatever is not moving has a very consistent, linear blurred effect. If the subject is moving in and out of the small vertical slice of the scene, I get that ribbon-y motion effect. If you really look close, you'll see feet and arms show up periodically of this guy who happened to be dancing in just the right spot of the background.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Kart Racing, Oxnard, California

This is a really fun shot. It was taken at the Jim Hall Kart Racing School, where I have raced for many years. I thought it would be great to get a group of Jim's students and racing customers together and take a shot of them. (Jim Hall, kart #2, was the World Karting Champion.) Very rarely do I get to do a "controlled" shot like this, meaning that I was able to tell them how fast to go, where to drive, etc. With most of my DistaCam shots I don't have the luxury of controlling the subjects speed and distance....and that's what makes it a challenge.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Walking in Tokyo, Japan

This is actually a series of images taken when I was in Tokyo, Japan with my daughters a couple of years ago.
I love the first image--full of color and details...take a look at the hats, the amazing eye contact of so many people as they walk by me, especially the one guy with the scary eyes and the two women that look like sisters looking at the camera.
The second image is really interesting to look at closely. I was set up on a part of the street with a subway beneath us, so the ground was not stable. You can see at the start of the image there is kind of a "shaking" effect because as the cars would pass over the unstable ground--the camera would shake. That's why you see the vertical lines there. As soon as the cars pass, and the pedestrians begin to cross the street, you can see that the shaking effect is gone. I am further away from the people with a long lens in this shot so they are not looking at me. It's more of a voyeuristic kind of feel in this image. Toward the end of the shot you see the shake of the image one more time as the cars come through the intersection again.