Monday, August 6, 2007

Walking in Tokyo, Japan

This is actually a series of images taken when I was in Tokyo, Japan with my daughters a couple of years ago.
I love the first image--full of color and details...take a look at the hats, the amazing eye contact of so many people as they walk by me, especially the one guy with the scary eyes and the two women that look like sisters looking at the camera.
The second image is really interesting to look at closely. I was set up on a part of the street with a subway beneath us, so the ground was not stable. You can see at the start of the image there is kind of a "shaking" effect because as the cars would pass over the unstable ground--the camera would shake. That's why you see the vertical lines there. As soon as the cars pass, and the pedestrians begin to cross the street, you can see that the shaking effect is gone. I am further away from the people with a long lens in this shot so they are not looking at me. It's more of a voyeuristic kind of feel in this image. Toward the end of the shot you see the shake of the image one more time as the cars come through the intersection again.

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