Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rollerblade Disco In Central Park, New York

This is actually a Rollerblade Disco with people roller blading and dancing around a DJ--in the heart of Central Park, New York. The "ribbon-y blur" effect that runs the entire length of the image is actually one guy standing in the background dancing! His image was captured this because as he danced in the background he moved in and out of the vertical slit viewing area that this camera is based on. This slit covering the film only allows a small vertical slice of the scene to hit the film. Whatever is not moving has a very consistent, linear blurred effect. If the subject is moving in and out of the small vertical slice of the scene, I get that ribbon-y motion effect. If you really look close, you'll see feet and arms show up periodically of this guy who happened to be dancing in just the right spot of the background.

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