Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mercedes AMG, Hockenheim, Germany

Having done several jobs for AMG Mercedes, the editor for the magazine became enthralled with the long format technique of my camera. AMG Mercedes was doing a story on the entire line up of AMG Mercedes cars and they asked me to get a long format image of the line up.
We went to Germany and we were able to get access to the Formula One Track in Hockenheim. There was an AMG Mercedes club event happening at the time where American customers were paying for the opportunity to drive these cars around Germany and out on the Hockenheim track. We were actually able to get these customers to drive around the track for our shot. They gave me 10 minutes. And 10 cars.
As the editors looked at the image of the 10 cars, they were somewhat disappointed. I told that in order to make the shot more compelling, they needed more cars! They quickly arranged it and we went out the next day--this time with 20 cars!--and we shot it again to get the image above. They were very pleased.
A funny side story to this one is that two pieces of my luggage were missing when I arrived in Germany and one of them contained the battery for my camera! I notified the magazine that I was missing the battery, but assured them that I would figure out a way to make the shoot happen. I actually ended up dismantling my hotel room lamp, taking out all the wiring so I would be able to wire up some batteries and hook them up to the camera if necessary!
My luggage actually arrived--with the battery--but, I had to be prepared...

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